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Apocalypstick contains two deliciously dark short stories: Finding Home, a creepy supernatural horror, and Killing Tiffany Hudson, a post-apocalyptic tale of two genetically modified people who must decide the fate of humanity.

Finding Home If you have ever glanced at a stranger in the grocery store, and wondered what their life must be like, and then followed them home to peek at them through their plantation blinds, and then slipped through that unlocked sliding door at night just to look around; if you stood next to their bed to watch over them while they slept, and thought I could live this life, then please seek help. Weirdo. But on your way to the hospital (or the police station), walk a few steps in the shoes of a troubled man on a quest for a new home and a new life, while he deals with a few disturbing personal issues. Finding Home is a short paranormal horror story that lets you test-drive the lives of strangers in a perfectly legal, non-creepy way.

Killing Tiffany Hudson Is there any line you wouldn't cross to save the life of a loved one? Is there any price you wouldn't pay? A young man battles with the consequences of his answers to these questions, in this post-apocalyptic short story, where right masquerades as wrong, weakness as strength, and deadly monsters as... camels? Well, sometimes, yes.

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Killing Tiffany Hudson by Gregory Carrico

…“Well?” she asked. She stood up and faced me, and my heart stopped.

For a second, wavy blonde hair framed her pretty face, tears poured from her soft, brown eyes, and her curious gaze morphed into a tortured, accusing glare. I blinked, and her bald, tattooed scalp returned. Her cheeks were dry, and a half smile twisted her thin lips. My heart beat again.

“Looked like a dog,” I lied, trying to recover from the shock of my hallucination. Why was she asking about my first? It was hard enough to keep going on without being reminded of that day. It should have been the best day of my life, but now I wanted nothing more than to pretend it never happened.

It was my last day of high school; the day I finally kissed Tiffany Hudson. My grandfather had promised to give me his 1970 Shelby Mustang, the 350, for getting a full scholarship to his alma mater. It was the perfect start to a new life.

But life didn’t agree with my plans. I never drove that mustang, never went to college, and never saw Tiffany Hudson again, not in person, anyway. That was the day I started killing. Xipe called us exterminators, but whatever word you wanted to use, it all amounted to the same thing.

“It would have killed me if Xipe hadn’t been there,” I added softly, still caught between the memory of that day and the present. My ears still rang from blocking so many offspring, but it was fading with rest.

“Xipe?” she asked incredulously. “Yeah, right. I’m already impressed, pal, you don’t have to drop names.”

I didn’t blame her for not believing me, but I didn’t care if she did, either. I wanted to find the humans and get out of the city while I still had a chance, but the chill crawling up my spine meant that our rest was over. Another quick scan for thoughts found only the lustful, hungry hatred of another offspring.

“There’s a big one coming. Over there,” I said, pointing at the shattered post office. “What were you thinking, coming to a city? Anyone who’s lived this long should know better.”

She didn’t answer. We watched, waiting for the beast to show itself. It knew we were there, of course; I could feel its tendrils of mental energy snaking into my head. The sensation of one of these monsters slipping into my mind was vile, but I didn’t want to block it until it was closer. I wanted it to think I was just another hunk of human meat.

It walked out of the alley by the post office, and strolled towards us. It was a big one. The new girl gripped her spear and braced to fight.

Thanks for reading this sample of Killing Tiffany Hudson from my new book Apocalypstick. To see how the battle plays out, and to enjoy the disturbing supernatural horror short, Finding Home, download Apocalypstick now. Fort just under than 3 bucks, it really is less than a cup of coffee.


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